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Brawhalla Tournament

Come join in on our brawlhalla tournmant!
The tournament will take place on Saturday the 1st of April 2017, and is a stock 1v1 game. All contestants must meet on our teamspeak 3 server at 3:00pm GMT.

The full set of rules can be found here:
The tournament is a 1v1 stock (3 lives, 8 minutes long).
The tournament starts at 3pm GMT on the 1st of April 2017.
Contestants must be on TS 15 minutes prior to their alloted slot.
All items are kept in the game.
All heroes are allowed.
No glitching or abusing bugs.
No insulting competitors.
No or abusive speech towards competitors.
Do not intentionally throw the game by any means i.e. suicide.
Put up a strong and fair fight.

If we suspect you are trying to boost friends to get the prize we will disqualify you both
If you do not turn up to your agreed allotted time then you will be disqualified, and your opponent will progress.

1st, Valhalla Pack
2nd, £5 steam gift card
3rd, A choice of any game on steam under £4

In case you gave missed it: sign up

Good luck and be sure to have fun!

Overwatch Open Beta - May 5th to 9th

Come on in and play Overwatch with us, and don't play Junkrat, he is too much cheese, and you know it!